Saturday, January 8, 2011

Please Follow Directions on Tin Roof Teas' Labels!

Many people received gifts of fine teas for Christmas, and some recipients will try to brew it like a tea bag which you can leave in the cup for several minutes. It came to my attention the first of the week that a friend had done just that. When I asked her how she liked it, she grimaced and said, "I must not have fixed it correctly." I didn't have her exact green jasmine but I had one similar and brewed her a cup which she loved...said it didn't taste anything close to hers. I asked her to explain how she brewed it and immediately knew what the problem was. She measured correctly but I explained to her that Tin Roof Teas' label has to be followed. An extra minute can turn a light, refreshing drink into a stringent mouth wash or hard boiling the water can burn the delicate leaves and destroy the delicate taste of the tea. Thermometers are inexpensive and until you are used to the characteristics of the correct temperature, you need to use it.

Just a reminder, follow the instructions on the Tin Roof Teas label.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For Life Mist Refrigerator Tea Pitcher

Tin Roof Teas received a shipment of these pitchers several weeks before the holidays, and I only recently had an opportunity to use mine. You can mix your first pitcher by the instructions, and then adjust to your tastes. I brewed my first one but I discovered two issues. One, I like sugar...and two, I like it stronger. The second pitcher I measured ten heaping teaspoons and I made a simple sugar of 1/2 cup sugar to 1 cup water...boiled just until sugar melted. Sometimes I slice an orange, pineapple, or lemon to flavor the sugar...I bore easy which is why I keep at least 25 different teas from Tin Roof Teas at home all the time. I brew the tea in the refrigerator and then pour it through the included filter into another pitcher. You don't have to do it that way but I add my simple syrup and the For Life pitcher makes enough tea for us for two days. I wouldn't leave the tea leaves in the pitcher for two days.

My family has become addicted to this way of brewing tea. I make the pitcher before I leave for work and it is ready for dinner that night. The tea is naturally sweet and the fruit in many of the teas releases its sweetness without the acid. The tea is very smooth when it is prepared this way. I don't miss the old Southern way of boiling, steeping, and sweetening.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tin Roof Teas Welcomes Hundreds of New Customers for the Holidays

We are all so excited over the many new customers who chose Tin Roof Teas in Cameron Village as the main destination for their holiday shopping. Our staff consistently heard, "How long have you been here?" or "I love this shop...I didn't know this shop was here." A few times, customers were standing two to three deep during Christmas week, and we do apologize but everyone seemed to enjoy the camaraderie that comes with the holidays. It was a little shocking to new customers when they first walk into a fine tea shop...250 teas choices can be overwhelming. In addition, we added gourmet confections, an even wider variety of teas, new tea accessories, and a scrumptious hot chocolate that kept selling out. (Yes, we have a new shipment!) The porcelain children's tea set was a big hit. We searched extensively for a set that was fine enough for an heirloom but not so expensive children couldn't play with them...our main requirement was that the set had to be tested and meet American standards for safety.

We are continuing to break records from last year. New tea classes will begin this month., and we are partnering with several local well-known vendors to bring our customers the finest gourmet foods available. Look for the new website early next month. Thanks again for all your support.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Store Bought Tea Leaves vs Fine Tea Leaves

I was curious today so I chose one of my favorite black tea bags that I purchased from a local grocery store and a green tea bag that I purchased from the local book store. The bottom left leaves are from a Mango Black can see the chunks of mango; the one on the right is a green Oolong that has been brewed 4x. The top left is a black tea with orange pekoe and the top right is the contents from a Acai Berry tea bag.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Is so Special about Fine Chocolate?

I am addicted to chocolate. In the past, I have been perfectly happy with an Almond Joy, Snickers, or Hersey Chocolate Almond bar. Over the weekend, I sampled a piece of one of the fine chocolate samples that Tin Roof Teas has received. Specials cases have been ordered to keep the Truffles at just the right temperature to insure the quality is preserved. Instructions said to hold the square for a minute or so to warm the chocolate and to bring out the complex flavors. It is also recommended that you eat a soda cracker, a piece of apple, or drink some sparkling water to cleanse the palate before placing the piece in your mouth. Do not chew the candy; let it melt gradually in your mouth. (I found that part of the instructions hard to follow; I kept wanting to chew on it. ) As it dissolves, the flavors should change. You may taste a little spice, coffee, fruit...all from that one pieces. The sample I tasted lingered for quite awhile. Fine chocolate is rich and a piece or two will be very satisfying.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kombucha Plum Tea at Tin Roof Teas

Stopped by Tin Roof Teas Saturday on my way back from Greensboro. Of course, the shop was bustling not only with customers but also with the consultants unpacking all the new holiday items plus the construction workers who are expanding the store.

Finally, the beautiful children's heirloom tea sets are in and they are beautifully painted and so dainty. Children are going to love holding tea parties with the children's tea selection like "Gummi Bear" tea. New bottles and pots were being stacked on the shelves as well as some new teas. I bought some Peppermint tea for those holiday meals...when you have over-indulged on pumpkin pie. My favorite purchase was the new D & G Kombucha Plum green tea. The scent when you open the little bag is so clean and crisp with the definite smell of plum. When the leaves are brewed, the plum is very distinct but not overpowering. It was delicious, and my husband and I drank the whole pot.

Bailey's Jewelry was having a special event so parking was tight. They took up the whole mid-section of the parking lot in front of their store. Usually, it is easy to park in front of the Tin Roof Tea shop, but I circled for 15 minutes before a space opened. I should have parked in the parking deck behind the shop. It was worth it though for the new tea.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tin Roof Teas November 4, 2010 Update

New sign is up and we hope the new awning is up by Friday...depending upon the weather. Website is just days away from completion. Our goal is to have it up my mid-month but we will continue to improve it over the next few months. Security for our online purchasers is a top priority.

Our new Cardew designed children's teapots have arrived. We ordered some unique pots from the same designer for those customers who need gifts for those friends who like a little whimsy in their life. The staff is busy stocking shelves with the new holiday inventory.

One of our customers shared a delicious recipe with us for improving rice when serving in a stir-fry dish. They use their leftover lemon verbena, blood orange or jasmine tea instead of water to cook their rice. They said it gave the rice a little extra flavor...sounds good, doesn't it.