Saturday, January 8, 2011

Please Follow Directions on Tin Roof Teas' Labels!

Many people received gifts of fine teas for Christmas, and some recipients will try to brew it like a tea bag which you can leave in the cup for several minutes. It came to my attention the first of the week that a friend had done just that. When I asked her how she liked it, she grimaced and said, "I must not have fixed it correctly." I didn't have her exact green jasmine but I had one similar and brewed her a cup which she loved...said it didn't taste anything close to hers. I asked her to explain how she brewed it and immediately knew what the problem was. She measured correctly but I explained to her that Tin Roof Teas' label has to be followed. An extra minute can turn a light, refreshing drink into a stringent mouth wash or hard boiling the water can burn the delicate leaves and destroy the delicate taste of the tea. Thermometers are inexpensive and until you are used to the characteristics of the correct temperature, you need to use it.

Just a reminder, follow the instructions on the Tin Roof Teas label.


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